MusicSeptember 15, 2009

1aI love the Jersey shore; particularly in the evening or after the summer season has ended. As a kid, my grandma used to bring all the cousins down the shore (in proper Jersey parlance) and our favorite time at the beach was just before sunset. But even now, I don’t think there is anything more peaceful than strolling down the boardwalk on a cool evening.

Unfortunately, I don’t get over this way much anymore. So I was thrilled when Jersey Arts asked me to come to Ocean Grove and write about New Jersey State Opera’s performance of the Verdi Requiem. This is the second year that NJ State Opera has presented the Destination Opera! weekend of classical music at Ocean Grove.

“It smells like the ocean, even in here,” Jonathan said, as we took our seats inside the Great Auditorium. (By the way, when they named this building, they weren’t kidding.)

So yeah, beautiful music AND the smell of the ocean! Seriously, what could be better?

1bBut just when I was toying with moving down to Ocean Grove to set up shop, I saw that another Patricia had beaten me to it…

Stay tuned for my next post to hear more about the performance, including what made the entire audience jump during the performance.

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