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Christopher Benincasa recently sat down with artist Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. This Thursday, you can too – at the Art Salon at Rat’s Restaurant at Grounds For Sculpture. The Art Salon is an opportunity to enjoy fine food, wine, a relaxed atmosphere, and thought provoking conversation. Strong-Cuevas has three pieces in the 42 acre sculpture park – ‘Two Face Telescope’, ‘Arch II’, and ‘Arch II, Set II’ – large, aluminum, abstract work that brings to mind Modernism, but also the traditional visual art of Native Americans, the ancient Mayans, even Cave Art. That fusion of global visual language with Modern aesthetics shines through in all of her sculptures, which are, most often, boldly rendered meditations on the human face. To register for the Art Salon (Thursday, 6/16), click here.

Strong-Cuevas Image for Art SalonsStrong Cuevas 01

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