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Tonight, Tuesday, October 30,  at Douglass Library at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, a mother and her daughter – one an artist, the other a scientist – will have a public conversation about where, why and how their fields intersect. Judith Brodsky is the artist, and the conversation is part of a reception for her new solo exhibit called “The 20 Most Important Scientific Questions of the 21st Century.” The scientist is Frances Brodsky, Director of Biosciences at University College London. The conversation will be moderated by curator Ferris Olin, who has worked with Judith Brodsky on various projects for decades, including founding the Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities at Rutgers University, which is presenting this exhibit. In this podcast, we speak with them about art, activism and how women invented Postmodernism. “The 20 Most Important Scientific Questions of the 21st Century”c runs through December 14th at Douglass Library.

Visual artwork by Judith Brodsky of a black and white fox-like creature in front of green folliage

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