Our Editors


While our fantastic contributors do most of the heavy lifting, there are a couple people behind-the-scenes who make sure that Culture Vultures and the Jersey Arts Podcast are hot and fresh when hitting your computer.


Emily Ambash | Web Content & Promotions Manager, ArtPride New Jersey Foundation

Emily AmbashAs an arts enthusiast with a long history of marketing and web development, Emily is proud to work on the Discover Jersey Arts program team at ArtPride. Emily graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Theater and English and has extensive experience in acting, creative writing, and interactive design. She serves as ArtPride’s Web Content & Promotions Manager, a role that requires a dedication to promoting NJ arts events, a willingness to engage the public and the field through JerseyArts.com, and a creative aesthetic for keeping the site and associated collateral materials fresh.

Emily brings to the position a love for communication; an interest in edgy, educational, and nontraditional plays, films, and art installations; and a strong comfort level in graphic and web design protocols and programs. While interning at The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, Emily also developed a strong sense of audience development and brand implementation – a skill set she has honed on ArtPride’s team.

Emily enjoys interacting with individual Jersey Arts Members at Member Parties and with the organizational Jersey Arts Marketers (JAM) community at professional development and advocacy events in addition to implementing social media and seasonal promotional campaigns. She also curates the Artist Gallery, updates the Member Center, and maintains an intimate relationship with the Adobe Creative Suite by putting together email campaigns, landing pages, and posters related to ArtPride’s programs. A native of eastern Massachusetts, Emily now lives in Collingswood with her husband Chris, where she indulges in a love of moose, dogs, and the works of Samuel Beckett.


Koren Rife | Marketing & Communications Manager, ArtPride New Jersey Foundation

Koren RifeYou know that tingling sensation you feel when the overture begins? The hum of lights being turned on in a dark theater, beginning brushstrokes on an empty canvas, a beautiful jeté entrelacé – these are all things that make Koren’s face flush.

And while her everyday life is not always filled with Constantine tapestries or Haydn’s Symphony No. 96, as the Marketing & Communications Manager it is typically pervaded with editing, media pitching, content creation, media and user engagement and perhaps some Photoshop-ing. Not always as awe-inspiring (or dangerous) as the “Miracle,” but art in its own right.

Koren is thrilled to be a part of the ArtPride New Jersey family, and if there’s anything she loves more than her family and four– yes, four– pets, it’s the arts. Beyond being an (obvious) animal-lover, she is also a terrible liar, theatre geek and Muppet maniac – but not necessarily in that order. A constant performer on and off the stage, Koren and her husband Jeff are perpetually involved with Burlington City-based Bridge Players Theatre Company.

She also takes full responsibility for flubs on Culture Vultures and thanks Emily for keeping her in line!